General Terms of Use

General Terms of Use and Statement of Duties and Responsibilities

Victoria Lodge / Llanada Grande Lodge / Tierra del Fuego Fly Fishing


Cancelation Policy:


The basic payment terms for all of our excursions are 50% of the value of the trip upon reservation and the remaining 50% one month before the trip. Alternative payment terms can be reached upon mutual agreement with our clients; however, the basic reservation format is the one described above. Our company – for all of its operations and products – does not refund money paid in advance upon reservation, and dates can only be modified and the reservation reused for a period of up to one year starting on the first date of the trip, as long as the cancellation is made at least 20 business days before the beginning of the excursion. After said date, no date changes or refunds will be made.

In order to change reservation dates, the excursion must be 100% paid for. No date changes will be accepted unless the excursion has been paid for in full. If 100% of the trip is not paid, the 50% advanced will be lost as a cancellation fine.


1.- Use of Fishing Rods and Tackle.

1.-The lodge will lend or rent fishing tackle, such as rods, lines and fishing reels, to its clients. The gear will be personally handed to each client and it shall be their responsibility to hand it back in good condition at the end of the outing. If the fishing tackle is broken during the excursion – regardless of who broke it – the client shall be liable for covering the cost of a replacement once the trip is over.



The replacement costs are as follows:

  • Sage, Winston, Loomis and Scott fishing rods $CLP 300,000
  • Redington fishing rods $CLP 150,000
  • Reels $CLP 100,000
  • Waders $CLP 150,000
  • Lines $CLP 50,000



In the case of fishing rods with a replacement cost of $CLP 300,000, the lifetime guarantee offered by the brands can be used; therefore, after paying the lodge for the rod, in no longer than three months the client that broke the rod will receive a new one identical to the one they broke at the lodge for no added cost to the $CLP 300,000 paid to replace the original rod.

The lodges do not have lures for clients. Providing flies, rapalas, swivels, spoons and spinners is the client’s responsibility.


2.- Schedules and Terms Regarding Alcohol Consumption


To ensure that our operation runs properly and that our staff gets the appropriate amount of rest, our company has established certain schedules that must be adhered to by the clients.

Breakfast: Between 8 and 10am at the latest.

Lunch and dinner do not have fixed schedules because they will depend on the fishing and light conditions.

Using the outdoor barbecue pit after dinner is only allowed up to 1:00am, and the open bar closes at 12:00am.


3.-Alcohol Consumption aboard Boats.

Each guide on each boat will have a cooler with beverages and two beers per angler. It is strictly forbidden by management and the owners of the company to drink strong alcoholic spirits while fishing, as it goes against the minimum safety measures established in our operating manuals.


4.- Airport – Lodge – Airport Transportation Schedules and Terms.

If the trips include transportation to and from the airport, the company has established a maximum waiting period of two hours at the airport or Puerto Varas if we have to make arrangements with another group of anglers. If the client prefers, we can take them up to Puerto Varas and wait for the other guests for the aforementioned waiting period.

Likewise, the same situation may occur on the way back to the airport from the lodge. In other words, some guests may have to leave up to two hours in advance to coordinate with the rest of the anglers.

The fishing parties must make arrangements to arrive at the airport together. If a member of a fishing party arrives unreasonably late or after the time agreed to with their fishing mates, an additional transportation fee to the lodge will be charged, with the following costs:

Airport – Victoria Lodge: $CLP 120,000

Airport – Llanada Grande Lodge: $CLP 160,000


5.- Gratuities

Tipping guides and kitchen staff is not mandatory; nevertheless, the owners encourage offering gratuities for the staff’s good disposition and quality of service. We suggest $CLP 10,000 a day per guide and $CLP 5,000 a day for the kitchen staff and turndown service.


6.- Basic Cohabitation Terms

When more than one group of anglers are sharing Llanada Grande Lodge and Victoria Lodge, it is essential to adhere to the cohabitation schedules and terms, such as keeping music at a moderate volume or engaging in any activity that could go against our clients’ rights to rest and sleep during appropriate hours.


Failure to comply with these terms and suggestions could lead to the company immediately suspending the contracted service, with no refund whatsoever, as it would be considered a serious lack of respect towards the members of our company and the other guests of the lodge.


Our lodges’ operations are subject to unforeseen weather and force majeure events, such as:

  • Mechanical breakdowns of ground or nautical equipment in an area with no support for immediate repairs.
  • Scheduling and capacity problems on the Tagua Tagua Lake ferry.
  • Weather issues that affect the supply of water and basic supplies, such as food and fuel.
  • Weather events that affect the contracted flights.

I hereby declare that I am aware of the operating risks involved in the three lodges in terms of flights, transportation and navigation and I hereby release the operators and owners of any liability regarding accidents during their operations.


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